How to open a trampoline park?

Trampoline parks are a trend in the world. Profitability exists because many operators want to open new parks.
Of course, there is competition from Trampoline parks on the market, so it is very important what facilities are in your space.
Trampoline parks are multiactive places. There are spaces for free jumps, trampolines for acrobatic figures (rollover tracks), basketball hoops (we produce basketball boards with digital display), foam pit, battle beams, airbags, ninja courses, wipe out, dodge ball games , volleyball, interactive games Jump touch wall, power play, dodge ball score board, climbing walls, cageball with scoreboard There are activities for everyone, from beginners to professional acrobats.

It is a leisure activity, available to the whole family, which does not require special skills, which allows you to be active while having fun. Perfectly aligned with the decades we live in!

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