foam pit

There is a controversy over whether it is better to choose Foam pit or big Airbag in the landing pit in Trampoline Park.
Any choice has its advantages and disadvantages. Foam pit landing is definitely softer and provides security in anticipation of landing.
It is also used in gymnastics halls as a means of training.
The bad thing is that the sponges cube, the sponge block cube have to be changed at a certain moment and it is more demanding to clean the pit.
It is very important that the pit is built according to the already established ASTDM and TUV standards.
The big airbag is easier to use and quick to clean and maintain, while significantly longer service life.
We have been manufacturers of Trampoline parks for 19 years and I really think that foam pit with sponge cubes is a certain percentage safer than Big airbag, although it has a lack of maintenance.
One of the news is that a code has been passed in France that all new trampoline halls must install a Jump Airbag.
However, for many games in the trampoline park it is necessary to install these types of protection in the zones Foam pit, Ninja course, Ninja warriors, Climbing wall, Wipe out, Freestyle jumping …