Jump Arenas Trampoline parks are all the rage – as a stand-alone trampoline park or as part of a family entertainment center. We plan your trampoline system absolutely individually. Our trampolines are manufactured to the highest quality standards in our own production facility in Europe. With 19 years of experience.

Buy a trampoline park, trampoline hall or trampoline system – we are your trampoline park equipment, trampoline park manufacturer and trampoline park supplier
In addition to trampolines in our special facilities for children, trampoline parks with a cool design and all-encompassing obstacles also impress young people and adults. . . Are you interested in a trampoline park? Do not hesitate to contact us for help and advice.

Manufacturer of trampolines based in Belgrade.
All components are manufactured in Europe in the best quality and highest quality. We offer all available services under one roof. As a manufacturer, designer, constructor and installer of commercial trampolines, the safety and durability of our products are our top priority so that you and your customers can benefit from them for a long time. We can sell our products according to all applicable standards and offer TÜV and ASTDM construction.