wipeout obstacle course

Flick & Play has invented a unique attraction for Trampoline Parks, Indoor Entertainment Centers and Outdoor Entertainment Centers.
Wipe out obstacle courses that we called SUPERWARRIO is a unique piece of entertainment equipment that takes up little space and is easily implemented in existing Trampoline halls on the existing foam pit or bagjump airbag. The Superwarrio Wipeout can also be set up independently of other equipment.
Wipeout equipment has been carefully designed for high security in Trampoline parks and as a very attractive sequence of wipeout parts that attract users to wait in line for the next game.
The Superwarrio wipe out can also be matched with an existing Ninja course or Ninja warrior parkour.
This is an attraction of amusement parks for all ages from 10-99 years.
The Superwarrio wall wipeout is fully automated with an electronic system and operates without an operator.
In our wipe-out equipment there are many wipeout obstacles rotators, wipeout punching wall, earthquake board, tumbling tables, big balls, rotary impact, sucker punch, seesaws, fans and much more that we can think of for you.
It is possible to add various light and sound effects to the Superwarrio wipeout, as well as customizable different designs and your Trampoline Park logo.
Wipeout equipment is fully lined and soft.
Wipeout obstacle course can be produced in various lengths and the minimum length of the wipeout track is 15 meters.
Superwarrio is mounted in various variants I shape, L shape or U shape adaptable to your space or trampoline park.
This product can also be used in a wipeout TV show.
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